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Jupiter is moving to Capricorn on 20th November indicating a major economic crisis on the way. Last time Jupiter moved to Capricorn was in December 2008


Sushant Singh Rajput born on 21st January can't commit suicide. It is a murder



A major disaster will start in February 2020 as Mars and Ketu come together in Moola nakshatra, killing thousands of people.

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Mr IZO has been practicing Astrology & Numerology professionally for more than a decade and has clients around the world. He is also a Banker and has more than 15 years of experience working with various Financial Institutions. He ran an Astrology startup for 3 years where he raised funding from investors to use Artificial Intelligence with Astrology to help the masses.

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Helped more than 5000 people in the last 13 years

Practiced Astrology in Australia, UK, India and now Canada

Wrote articles in leading dailies like Hindustan Times, Economic Times, Telegraph and a few regional newspapers in India

Wrote and published a book on Numerology named "Mr iZO Sayz"

Accurately predicted the winners of Cricket World Cup 2011, 2015, 2019

In a unique position to help professionals having experience in Banking, IT and running a startup

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